Manx F1




The HoverPod Club is a new type of leisure business that sells itself to those with an adventurous spirit.

The Formula One HoverPod Club hovercraft are simple to drive, fun and attract lots of attention from young and old and yet are safer than motorcycles, jet skis and aeroplanes (check local license and regulations as these may vary according to conditions, Local and national legislation, legal requirements and Government obligations as well as Health and Safety guidelines and recommendations). 

After basic instruction and guidance, you will soon gain confidence in the unusual manner of hover and flight, enough to pilot the vehicle.  As technique, ability and confidence builds you will start to experience the awesome power, exhilaration and excitement of the HoverPod.

There now exists a unique opportunity, for a short period of time, to be involved, in a partnership with F1 HoverPod Racing Ltd.  We invite you to tour this website to find out more and to contact F1 Hoverpod Racing Ltd should you wish to partner with us or just find out more.